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Writer name:                   Rasheed 

       We are living in 2021, all of us fighting against corona virus  Almost all people want to work at home during these days.If you want to earn money online ,then these tips will be help to you.


Making money online it is not difficult in these days if you choose a right way and work slow and study on it.Many people who do not have  internet access and if you have computer and internet then you earn online thousands of dollars every month.

We have new ideas and strategies for how to make money online easy.

There are many questions in your mind , how they earn thousand of dollar online ? Behind this there is lot of work, patience and inconsistent work to achieve it.

How to earn money online, best ways to make money online 2020?

There are several ways to make money online.But I tell you 12 best ways to make money online.This is best part of passive income, where you work few hours per week and earn reasonable earnings for you for long time.

Job money is not enough for you to complete all your needs and make you rich unless you have not a passive income streams.

Although Govt. job is good for you, but it is not enough for you to fulfill all your dreams .But you  work extra time and want to best use of time then you make more money for you. There are hundred  ways to make money online Here are I have to discuss only 12 best ways to make money fast.

Start a blog or website.

It is my favorite thing you start a blog or a website. 1st world wide browser is started in 1994.Now one billion website in the world. But is tell how to make money from your website or blog. For blog you need a good laptop.You write articles and monetize you website and earn money.You earn zero or earn million it depends on your decision , hackwork and choose your niches.If you choose a right niche , you write SEO articles you will get more traffic on you blog or website and earn more from your blog.

Become a content writer.

If you are a great witter , then you write good articles and make money fast .You can earn $ 300 to $ 400 per month from articles writing. You have to learn SEO techniques .This is no difficult. You learn SEO with in one or two week and method of writing a SEO friendly articles.Only thing you need a passion and consistent work for this purpose. You have some knowledge about primary and related keyword .Then is easily write a best article.

Become Affiliate Marketer.

                                          If you have to produce a large number of audience , then you have to promote a product of Amazon , click bank and other online website. You earn a commission.Anyone who click on your content , and make a purchase , you will receive a commission. Affiliate marketing is passive income ideas , 1st you create a link and and promote the product you will earn passive income for a long time.

Start a You Tube Channel.

It is possible to make money from  you tube.Just you have to adding new videos every week to you tube channels.You upload video entertaining the audience, a informational videos that helps the audience. Every time someone watches your video, then ads play, if they click through you link you received a commission.

Become a Transcription.

                              It is easy method to make money online. You have to change audio or video into text message . You get money money from this.More you changed audio or videos into text message, the more you get money.

Online Survey.

                          You can also earn from online survey. Some questions are asked and target to audience.And data is stored on database and analyze the data. If survey is complete then you earn money. You can normally $100 to 200 monthly from survey.You can do this by joining swag bucks, inbox dollars,cash crates,prize rebels.

Teaching Online.

You can earn money to online teaching the students. This is my favorite method to transfer knowledge to other people. If you have fitness knowledge, or yoga master then you teach people about exercise and earn money online. 

My friend teaching at Canada teaching online the students earn $ 400 to $500 hundred monthly from teaching at home.

You can teach people how to write, how to speak, how to make a file for taxes, and complete necessary parts of a car .If you are good teacher, then you can earn thousands dollar from teaching online.

Freelance Worker. 

                               You become a freelance worker to make money online. In this method you have to register on Fiver, come or up work etc. and pay little charges may $ 7 to 12 dollar .Then you have to wait with patience . They do a task , if you do it,then you will earn money.You become a high paid freelancer .This is full time income, you have not to search for clients.You offer your services like that data entry job, web designing , virtual assistant and writing articles etc. Many freelancer earn thousands of dollar from freelancing work.

Sell Online Course or notes for students.

                                                You earn money from selling online course or notes to students. If you have valuable knowledge that help the people.No matter, what your area of expertise, Online course increasing demands and for business also like digital marketing course.Once your course is launched you will earn a lot of income for a long time.

Start Drop shipping Business.

                         This is easy method to make money online for beginners. You crate a website and put pictures of your products you want to sell.The costumers buy the products and you will earn money.If you have no website, then you do this by shopify store.You can earn thousands dollars from shopify store online selling products.You can sell directly to your friends on Facebook, twitter Instagram and earn money.

Sell Your Photos Online.

                                       If you are interested in photography and have a large photos then you sell your photo online. You will sell your photos on adobe stock and Getty images , if someone likes your photo, then you will earn money.It is good idea to test this method.You sell your photo on play online.

Sell your story or videos online.

                                              People love stories and videos. You tube, Instagram and twitter are popular website ,you upload your stories and videos. If you love video games, then you can also make money streaming them, providing games reviews  more on twitch which is owned by amazon.You will need to purchase videos and photo editing software and learn how to use it.


Now you will learn ,many more ideas to make money online.It is depends on you what you have interested ?and what you are doing?You can build your own company and start selling goods to your customers.You pick one method and do start work on it.
If you have any question you can write us in comments box.