7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

 Financial Freedom is the main goal for many people. Financial freedom is different for everyone. The big question is how to achieve financial freedom to get rid of an unhappy job and live a comfortable life where you become happy.

Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

In this post, I discuss 7 simple steps to achieve financial freedom. It does not easy but these steps will help you. These few words of wisdom should help you to start your journey.

7 Steps To Financial Freedom

  •  Know Where you Start your Journey.
  • Set Specific Goals to achieve financial freedom.
  • Eliminate Debts.
  • Plan for Investment to grow wealth.
  • Track Progress Regular.
  • Enjoy The Journey.
  • Prioritize Financial Wellness

1-Know Your position to start Journey.

     In order to start the financial journey, you have to know where you know and how to start your journey. Your journey required to look close to your finances.A few factors you think are:

  • What is monthly annual income?
  • Your Monthly Expenses.
  • Your All Debts.
  • How much do you save every month?
  • Your Investmentsincludes, dividends, stock or other etc.
  • Your Net Worth includes assets- liabilities-taxes.

Some tools like personal capital help you to track your expenses. Such as budget planner tool, save planner, expense tracker. These tools help you improve your finances. First, you know the position you then you work more confidently.

2-Set Financial Goals so you Know your target.

  Financial independence is different for every person. First, you identify what are your specific goals. What do you want your money to do.?It might be simple you have a target to get a new job for yourself. For that purpose, you learn new skills and knowledge for that job. Also, you should continue your struggle to achieve a job for one year or two years

.For you it might be early retirement, in that case, you have to figure out the dollar amount you want to need after retirement. This will allow you to generate sufficient income so that you live comfortably in the remaining life.

For others, financial freedom does not mean you work in an unhappy or unhealthy situation. You have to balance your knowledge and skills.
In short financial freedom allow you to spend money on the things you enjoy and happy life. Financial freedom might look like a certain amount of income and investment for your remaining life.

Once you have a specific goal then you work one hundred percent to achieve it and devote full energy.
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3-Eliminate Your Debts as Early as Possible.

Debts are roadblocks on your way, so eliminate them first. These are hindrances in your way of progress. This is the most important step for your financial independence. You will not pay off all your debts at once, it is a process you can do because you have other expenses to do. Average Americans have $ 90,480 debts, according to a CNBC report in 2021.

Paying off large interest debt is the most important step to start your journey to financial freedom. To start the journey, you spend carefully on things and avoid poor spending habits. You might be an emotional spender and do not realize how much spend on specif things. keeping a good budget will help you to spend less.

Work on understanding your behaviors and pt strategies to overcome. Just resetting your mindset to your journey and setting a target is not enough, you have to considerable steps to your finances. Otherwise, it will be a weightless journey and you will have no benefits.
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4-Plan to Investment, Not focus only on Savings.

Financial freedom comes from two things one is saving and the other is an investment. Only focus on saving you cannot be rich you should invest money in multiple sectors. Saving is the initial step to start your journey. You have to set emergency funds to yourself. In case your car breaks down or repair of the house or you lose your job.

Saving is an effective strategy for short-term goals.
Short-term investing is a good strategy to build wealth. In this case, you are not relying on saving but also on investments. Saving begins from making money and then money spends to make money. In another word, money generates money.
You should focus on income-producing assets. How people retire early and hading only one million dollar savings. But they have a huge amount t in investments. You get closer to financial freedom if you know the investment strategy.
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5-Check Your progress Regularly and update it.

   Once you have set goals and start working on them, then it is a crucial step to check your progress along the way. If you cannot measure then it is difficult to know where you are going? You can view on a weekly basis, monthly basis, and then early basis. You can also realize that goals are within your reach. The tools that can help you to check progress are included, personal capital, expense tracker, cash flow statement tracker. Surprize you if you achieve the monthly target.

6-Enjoy Your Journey in All Situations.

It is easy to set goals and start the journey. But is difficult to make progress. Find the ways you enjoy and happy life. For many people, the goals take years not decades, But you have to be patient and work to continue. Financial freedom will be daunting if you focus on the only result. You should work on other factors and enjoy your journey. Set your mindset and not be afraid to be a failure if you do not achieve your goal in a year. but you to enjoy the journey in good way.

7-Prioritize Financial Wellness.

One of the best ways to improve financial wellness is to talk to your friends and family. You should about finance to your children, so they learn about finances. Look out the ways to improve your finances. For some people, finance is an emotional challenge subjet. It is true if it previously struggled.

Generating money is fun for many people. many people have a lot of money but they do not know how to build wealth from this. Some people are a shame to talk about money it is not good, you should talk openly to your family first. So that they help your finances. When you remove hindrances about financial wellness then you enjoy the journey.

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