Bad habits that are keeping you Poor.

Bad personal habits are harmful habits. Bad habits to stop now, so to achieve your goals easily. These habits are hindrances to your progress way, so you should get rid of them as early as possible. These habits make you in trouble and you lost financial freedom. 

bad habits that are keeping you poor.

Bad habits are a burden on your health and a waste of time. You lose your money, so replace bad habits with good habits

The bad habits of humans interrupt their life in mentally and physically. It wastes your energy and increases problems. In my previous post, I have written good habits improve your financial strength. Now we focus on how to break the bad habits.

Change your bad habits.

                                               First, we discussed why bad habits developed in your life?Bad habits are adopted from stress and boredom. Some people have not been educated as much and they are accompanied by bad company. You know a man is known by the company he keeps.

How to break bad habits?

                                             You should know what are bad habits in yours. Then make a mind to change them one by one. You cannot replace one bad habit but with constant attempts, you can change bad habits. Choose a substitute for yourself. You need a good financial plan that helps you. Also, your good friends will help you in this regard. We give you the best guide to away from bad habits and live a free life.

Here are six bad habits to quit right now.

  1. Postponing work.
  2. Blame other people and do not work more.
  3. Thinking past.
  4. enjoy smoking
  5. eating too much and excessive drinking.
  6. Do work in late.

 1-Postponing work.

                                     Keep in mind postponing work is a bad habit. They do not achieve goals if they cannot change their habit. Do not put your work on tomorrow. Keep the mind on postie work. because negative activities waste your ability and energy.

2-Blame others people and do, not hard work.

                                                                             It is a bad habit to complain to others in every matter when you are wrong. They do not work hard to improve their work and complain to others always. So control your emotions and tongue every time. When you catch yourself complaining, take the time to look around you in patience. Quit the habit that does not serve you.

3-Living in the past.

                                                                               Some people think past every time and do not forest about future. They have no planning for the future. Think positive. If anyone hurts us, then we easily convert into negative thinking. If your goals are great, then think to achieve them.

4-Stop smoking.

                                 Smoking is dangerous to health and causes cancer. Smoking causes to risky of many health problems. In USA 500,000 death due to smoking. In china you see a higher population country, the male population has a significantly shortened life span due to smoking. 
Smoking is not only a danger to the skin but also bad breath, yellow of teeth, and worse of all. Some people do not allow sitting among those who are smoking. You believe that smoking can damage every part of your brain and body.

5-More eating and excessive drinking.

                                                Eat only when you feel hungry. Try to eat from home instead of a restaurant. Avoid emotional eating. If you are a stress eater, do not fret you’re, try to manage your stress better. You know drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health. Alcohol interferes with your brain pathways. Also, it is dangerous for heart disease. It increases your blood pressure high. Also, It causes liver disease.

6-Work too much late.

                                          Some people are lazy and are late in every matter. They do work at low speed so, they apologize to other people. Best practice to work in time. Some people arrive at least 15 minutes and with something to do within 15 minutes. Stop being late and do work punctually.If you are doing the job, then you work quickly and save time to do another. If you continue your habits, then you lose your job.

How do you stop bad money habits?

  • Take a list of good habits and see what are good habits in yours.
  • Replace bad habits with good habits.
  • Read some good books that give you inspiration.
  • Every day increase on good habit in yourself.
  • Make a plan of your life and get it to give it time.
  • Make a balance in your life and give everything suitable time.
  • Do care about your health first, make a habit to do some exercise daily.
  • Only good positing thinking adopt and avoid negative people who do not appreciate your work.  
  • Job or business give fix time a do consistently in work.  

     You can ask questions, I am here to listen to you

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