Now you, are studying in college, where you have the freedom to learn about financial tips. When you live at home and should know where and how to spend money, how to save money when your mom and dead are miles away.

Be responsible to spend money and you decide good about good and bad. Here are some tips to keep in mind because they give you a financial path in your college career. 

        Now you are using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media network to waste time, but let me tell you about personal finance for college students. 
Why financial literacy is important for college students?
      Financial tips for college students are important because with these tips their life is easier and happy without suffering financial problems. With a frugally living lifestyle, you should be financially secure.
       College days are special days for every student to learn more from your parents, how they live comfortably. It is time to choose the right path for yourself.
       I was also in a position of yours a few years ago, I learn the basics of finance from my mother how she budgets her family? I worked in many different jobs, but I have no emergency fund. One time I suffer a problem and then I think, if I have emergency funds then I live happier.
      Here are the top 10 financial tips for college students you should follow, These tips financially support the college, as they increase the financial lack of support of college students.

Financial Tips For College Students.

1-Be Smar About Your Loan.
  I am not in favor of students loan, but sometimes it is necessary for higher education. You might check the refund of the loan after paying tuition fees and college fees. You are not borrowing above your needs. When you have some extra amount, refund the loan or save for future difficulties.
        If your parents supporting to you, it is good, but you have alone to pay your loan, then pay it a priority first. Because a loan is an extra burden on your shoulders. If you are living on a loan completely to cover all expenses, then you make a realistic budget. Keep track of how much spend each month. Make a spreadsheet of rent, utility expenses, so you know how much expenses you have and where you save money.
        If you want to more learn about how to pay off debts then read this article.
2-Protect yourself.
        Do not cash lying around, keep it in a safe box. Safe your mobile and other precious things from friends and other people.be careful, when you are using an ATM card, it is a good idea to first protect yourself.
       Be careful about identity theft, when you are shopping online.
        Some unexpected events occurred, so your cash must be safe from loss. Caution about personal information not given to your friend, simple things, like password, social security number, personal document lying around was unnecessary.
3-Use Credit Card Wisely.
       Get a credit card but use it responsibly. credit cards are secure for online payment. Pay bills on time to avoid late fees and extra charges. When you are going to your friends, leave at its home, because you are going a build credit score.
      Credit cards are useful things but you build credit first. With a credit card, you want to build a credit history. There are many card options for college students. Your aim is to open with no annual fees, which offers cashback on purchase. How will prevent debt by using a credit card for normal expenses?
4-Learn Investing and passive income.
  Before dumping money into an index fund, contact a financial advisor. All investing comes with risk, when your plan for long-term investment, you have a solid plan. If you have a sense of investing, then it considers for short-term allocation.
        Another important thing is that you should learn about passive income. Passive income changes your life quickly. With passive income, you should support your family and yourself.
5- Do not buy new Books.
        Always buy used books because they have reduced prices. If you buy new books then they have a higher price. Because you want to save money. Also, buy using bikes for college to save the maximum amount for other expenses. You can also buy used books online.
6-Get a job.
   The most important thing is you should focus on your study. But if you have lack funds then you get a job. Your college is a lot of work and many companies give advertisements for college students you can benefit from them.
        You have lots of studying and writing but in your free time.
        Working part-time while studying in college, you have a greater portion of the money, help you in the study and change your lifestyles. Some colleges have work-study programs, they are not great but useful usually hard.
       Look for restaurants during weekend hours, so you are not increasing your income, you are just fulfilling lack of money. 
7-Look ways to spend less.
        Look ways for students discount in restaurants, museums and other like food, traveling in bus or train. Ask discount clothes, food, and entertainment with less money. Do not spend extra money especially in fast-food restaurants. Use the college library for books. Sooner or later sometimes movies are free, you can enjoy them. Do not spend money on heavy phones and always buy medium-price items.
8-Create a budget and stick to it.   A college student manages the budget, how small choices fall within budget. A college is a great place where you learn financial tips and build good habits that they help in the rest of life.       It is important to sit together and look at finances. Look at streams of income, job income, students grants, loans, and other types of financial aids. You cannot force students to stick to a budget, but feel free confident and have a clear picture of what is affordable and what is not.Make a budget that can work for you and track expenses. A budget is a powerful tool in personal finance, where your monthly income is gone and how to cut back expenses.
      Living within a budget, you can pay your debts, future goals, if any, travel, and get extra courses for yourself. Budget can help in different ways, to save on food, insurance. A budget helps you to save every month. It also helps you to reduce your spending and increase income.
9-Look out for free money.
       As you know money does not grow on trees, look for ways where you get it free. Apply for scholarship programs as they are best for your higher education.           If you are qualified for the scholarship then you get enough money that cover all your college expenses. But for this, you have worked hard and focused on your studies. So it is worth effort and going for it.
10-Sell textbook.
When you are free from books and your exams are done they you sell your books to the local store. Sell these books on social media, online retailers. They give you revenue and you buy other books for next semester. there are a lot of ways students save money on textbooks. Some colleges offer free libraries and offer rental programs.  11-Enjoy entertainment


        Joining entertainment activities is necessary for your social life. You should start any sport like hockey, football or any other game that gives you a new way to learn and also fresh your mind. In these sports activities, you learn a lot and prepare for future goals. Go hiking, cycling, sightseeing, or take walk in the park.

12-Use Online Sevices.

        Set your smartphone saving app. and money management app that are more convenient and easy to use. It is a better idea to use the phone for online services. Personal capital and mint are easy apps for money management skills for a busy or forgetful student. These apps help students with online transfer payments and easy access to account balances.
Final Word.
        If you have any difficulty or problems in your study, do not be afraid to reach out for help. Often students avoid asking someone for help. If you ask they will help you.  If you need money get a part-time job, rather than take a loan. Give extra funds for loan payments. Set financial limits for yourself. If your child has solid financial information, he makes the perfect decision and financial training really pays off. 

  I look forward to your views in comment box 

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