Financial independence means having enough money, investment, and cash on hand to afford lifestyles to live freely for the rest of life and paying all expenses without doing a job 9 to 5. A financially independent person derives income from investment.


Unfortunately, too many people fail to achieve this goal. because they have credit card burdens, car loans, mortgages, and other issues and have no emergency fund . Trouble happens to nearly everyone, but these steps will help you in achieving financial freedom.

 In this article, if you want to achieve financial freedom in 5 years, you have learned some basic steps.

6 steps to achieve financial freedom in 5 years.

1-Check your Finance.

                In order to achieve financial freedom, you need to spend less and earn more. You can track your expenses. take time to examine your finance first what do you have to live rest in life? Examine how much much money you have to cover your annual expenses like insurance, household expenses, rent, mortgage if any, entertainment and food expenses.

2- Work out to pay off debts.

     If you want financial freedom in 5 years, then you have to pay your debts first. debts are an extra burden on your finance. Give priority to paying early as possible. Whether you have a students loan, credit card debts loan, car loan, house mortgage loan, any type of loan you have, no matter. You should try to get rid of this .

To achive good crdit score, pay bils on time.

See more about how to pay off debts.

3-Cut out expenses.

                Since you are working to accelerate the time frame to reach income, you have to cut expenses. You should live frugally, so you can achieve financial freedom.

You have a lot of expenses to cover each month to live. If you have no savings, then try to earn more. Do a part-time job, or start a side hustle. If you cannot increase income, then try to minimize expenses.

How to live frugally? Here is a detail on how to cut expenses.

4-Increase your income.

          Saving and investing enough money is not happen overnight, it takes time. You should consider how to increase your income and how to achieve financial freedom in 5 years.

5-Invest in multiple sectors.

          You should do not get financial freedom unless you invest the amount in multiple streams of income.

Do not worry, it is easy to generate powerful income streams. Focus on how to invest wisely. Warren buffet says. The best investment is to invest in yourself, you learn more, so you earn more.

Try to invest in real estate investment to generate passive income.

Learn more how to invest in yourself?

6-Try to save maximum.

                      You should know the 50/30/20 rule. You should spend money 50 percent on your essential needs, 20 percent on savings, and 30 percent on everything else.

How to achieve financial freedom is not impossible but it is difficult. You want to be strategic. Set your goals to achieve this.If you follow the above steps while living frugally and increase your income.

Reaching financial independence depends on a high saving rate, try to save a maximum of 80 percent of your income if possible.

How to calculate the saving rate?

               If your income is $ 100,000 monthly and your expenses are $ 20,000, then the formula is 100,000-20,000/100000. is give you saving rate. First figure out the saving rate, then estimate how long you have enough money to reach this goal.

You still need to live your life.

        Maximum saving is impossible if you have a family. You want also to live well. This five years plan will push your needs, try to well be of your family in mind. You should not sacrifice the present to secure the future. Balance is essential. Stay on the right financial path to achieve financial freedom.

Final thoughts.

           These steps will help you to solve a money problem. Develop healthy habits. take care of your health and pay yourself first such as good diest and more exercise. If you need a financial advisor, then you can do this. many wealthy people live below their means.  I look forward to looking at your views in the comment section. Are you have any tips you can share with us.this post was made possible by the support of our audience.

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