How to make good money online as a Teenager. 10 Best ways to make money online for teens.


When I was child and studying in high school, there are no opportunities to make money online. Now a days . modern technology has come, and many opportunities to make money online & extra cash , while studding in high school and also balance  their study life and social life. I am happy to tell you, there are many opportunities for teens to make money online.

So, what online jobs for teens? You are finding out? There are several online jobs for teens to do which living in comfort zone and living with parents. But you are wonder how tanagers make money online?

In the past there are no opportunities for teens. But due to internet technology , create many opportunities for teenagers. Now a person sitting at home, make a reasonable amount online.

With online job, you learn extra skill and enhance your knowledge. So, let’s check best online jobs for teenagers. Here are top ten ways to make money online at hone for teenagers.

In this article include:

  1. Watch ads for money.
  2. Get freelancing work .
  3. Do virtual assistant job.
  4. Data entry work.
  5. Start a you tube channel.
  6. Start a blog.
  7. Become a proofreader.
  8. Humana tic  Call Review job for teens.
  9. Become a English tutor online.
  10. Become Web Site Developer.

      Watch ads and make money online.                                                                Swag bucks gives you a facility to watch ads ,play games and watch videos online and earn money online. You have to complete survey. This is questions answers job, and give suggestion . You create account in swag bucks and check this site.

Get Freelancing work.

                             This is great opportunity to do work online. Here you can write and help other people in doing work. You can create account on fiver, up work flex jobs to find freelance work.

Here you do a task, if you do it , you have to paid.

Do virtual assistant job.

This industry growing day by day. You have to help entrepreneur . They give you work and you do this. By performing traditional task and growth of business.
A virtual assistant a person who offer his/her service to do work with business and in return he/she receive a salary or commission.

To do this job ,you check Up work and fiver sites.

Data Entry Job for teens.

This job require entering dataand maintain valuable record of business. For this you need a good laptop.This is typing job.First, register yourself in up work, or fiver or flex job ,give some charges to registration. So, they give you data entry work, this is simple work ,that is you do in your home at internet.This is easy job for teens to make money online. 

  • Start a You Tube Channel.

                                         For this purpose, you have a website. You make your own video like your interest and passion and upload on you tube. People earn hundred thousands dollar with the help of you tube. But is you need good camera and lap top or pc and internet.Everyone has interest thing in his life. So, make a useful video , such as information or entertainment video or any other useful regarding to health , you earn extra cash each month.

Start a Blog.

              If you are interesting in writing, then you write a blog post. You learn SEO and also earn money. You start a blog on www. Where you singed in and create a new blog.You can also start a blog in word press. people earn thousand of Dollars every month with blog. Write at least 30-40 post and then approved from google AdSense account.Build audience and if you find people , more pump to do it, more content to do it.After that you can start affiliate marketing and make three times income according to your salary. 

Become a proofreader.

                                    For this type of online job, there is no need of age. You can start anytime. But your English language skill is better and also grammar techniques.Here this you can make money by checking other text and correct text, if there is any grammar mistakes. When I am studding school, I am brilliant student of my class. I am fully understand grammar and English vocabulary.There are 37 % jobs lying vacant. You can easily find this job. If you are interest then you registered yourself at UP Work.

HUMANATIC Call Review Job.                                                 For doing this type of job, you have PayPal account. Here call are recorded to improve customer service. This call is being recorded for training to people. Humanatic is a software that is provided by the companies to depth analysis of customer call and improve their quality.

This company provide thousands of opportunities for teens to earn online money like you. Their reviewer work from home and recorded call and provided meaningful answer of customer calls. So their clients improve their business to listen call of company. Because they provide statistical data to clients. If you are interest in this job, then you search at google www.Humanatic .com

Become English Tutor Or other subjects.                                                                    This is my favorite job to teach the people. If you are sixteen year old then you do this job easily. I am also teaching to students and I have 7 years experience to students at high level to graduate level.

If you are native English speaker, then you help people to learn English . There are thousands of people who want to learn English. But this field required If you have interest in any subject.

There are many online teaching job, where you can apply . If you are interest then you register yourself in Buddy or you register yourself in Fiver.

Become Website Developer.                                              This is easy online job for teens. First you learn , how to make a website , themes and design. Then you offer your services at Fiver and up work. 

To do this job, you help people to improve their website and you earn money. You need to learn different things about programming language. If you want to learn , then you go to you tube and listen video.The Final few words for teens.        First focus you study. You should also learn some skill. Skill is must these days. If you get first job, then it is more exciting and frustrating to second job. Moreover, today is challenge to get a pretty job. Therefor it is best idea to find online work for your self.               If you have ant questions, then feel free to contact us. We feel happy to give your answer.

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