How to make a Budget?5 Simple steps to creating a successful budget.


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A good budget makes help you to get out from financial trouble.A budget is a plan for income and expenses.People make budget for their expenses occurring in future and then  check with their actual expenses. Budget is for specified period of time normally for one year.

Budget help us to achieve our goals either in buying a house, pay off  our debts,save some money for future needs.Whichever path you choose, budget will help you.

Some people make budget habit , so that they do their own small business. Like that you can write a family budget , so that your spending do not increase with your income..Taking care of family need,buying a house and other financial needs,purchasing foods and paying bills, budget will help you.

How to make a personal Budget?

                                                                    Personal budget helps you to manage your money.In this article we will try to help you the best family budget for you.The goal of family budget to spend less and save more for your life goals.

5 simple steps to creating a family budget.

  1. Check out your monthly  income.
  2. Cut out expenses.
  3. Calculate your Net worth.
  4. Focus on future goals.
  5. Pay yourself first.
  •   Check out Your monthly income.

                                                                                  When I build my first budget round about two years ago to buy a house. Then It was difficult for me to save a huge amount of money. I calculate my expenses and estimate how much money I need to save each month? So , I make a personal budget and save some portion of my income in every month, then I easily sum up huge amount.First, before making a budget, You check your financial situation.You must know ,how much amount in your each account or if you have investment in bank or stock exchange. By using personal capital , your budget will automatically create.

Cut out your expenses.

                                                         The best way to calculate grocery things buy bulk quantities of basic things.Keep your receipts, electricity bills , gas bills and all other expenses which are occurring in future.Divide expenses into different categories, so you have to judge how to minimize expenses using sticky budget? You can cut out expenses, by using different techniques.

Calculate your Net Worth.

                                                                   If you know your income and expenses, can easily calculate net worth.You add all your expenses and subtract from income, the it is equal to your net worth.

For example : Income – expenses ( variable and fixed )- Tax = Net worth. 

When you are starting out ,you can be negative, but trying to will be positive after few month.

Focus on future goal.

                                                      Think, why you are budgeting, what are your goals in life?Either buying a house, pay off debts or to invest money.Or you have to retire early.First clear your goals.Some expert says, that you have three months to six months expenses , then you should be financial strength.So, if you save income by doing a good budget, then what you do with your savings?

Pay yourself first.

                                             It means you save some money for your future.You must create emergency fund account.The general rule is 10% of your salary save in  every month, if you are at age 20 years.If you are 30 years, you can adjust your savings like 15 – 20 percent.There is no set figure out how much you should pay yourself? You can adjust it according to  your needs .It is better to save small today than start large later.Keep in mind your savings will save your future,emergency fund will help you in case of any break down of your car, or you loose your job, this can help you.This can be beneficial in case of retirement.

Final Thoughts.

                                     If you have no budget, now to create once. If you follow all above steps to creating a budget. You will get financial freedom and wealthy in the future.Another thing is that you whatever your income is, you live within means. Pay off debts first and live debts free life. Also you stick on your budget and make a habit to do it. You check your budget at weekly basis, and then monthly basis.So that you live a comfort of life.Tags : Finance.

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