7 best personal finance books you must read.


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Everyone want to be rich, but some of them become rich.These books I have read and recommended to you to buy from market and read them. So that you will get  financially freedom .

If you want to grow your money and want better financial health . You have to learn yourself about personal finance .

These books give you a strong knowledge of financial matters and you make a better decision about money matters.

1- The Millionaire next door written by Thomas j.

2-The Total money makeover written by Dave Rams.

3-Rich Dad Poor Dad written by Robert Kisani.

4-The secrets of the Millionaire.

5-You are a bad ass at making money.

6-Think and grow rich .

7-The Automate Millionaire.

Now I explain Briefly all above books.

1-The Millionaire next door.

                                                                    This book is written by Thomas J. The surprising secrects of Amerca ‘sWealth. The third addition was published in 1998. In this book seven common features are discussed most wealth of this country do not Beverly hills or parked avenue the next door.In this book they have mansion that most of wealth , the people get from work hard , invest money and save money. This book tells us how to be rich without a high degree . 
The seven features of this book are:

  • This is great book and inspire a person to manage his wealth good.
  • This book emphasis if you want to be rich, you do what wealthy people do?
  • They live within means.
  • The millionaire people spend their money in investing .
  • Their aim is to achieve good status and want financial independence.
  • They choose best opportunity to increase their money.
  • The millionaire people select multiple streams of means.

2-The Total Money makeover.

                                               This book is written by David Ramsey.This book tells you how to control your money? In this book you have to learn how to pay off debts? How to make a budget?This book has seven baby steps for financial strength.                                  

  • For beginner save $ 1000 as emergency fund.
  • Pay off debts using snow fall method.
  • Invest money 15 percent for your retirement purpose.
  • save money for your children education for college.
  • Increase your wealth and be generous.
  • Create a full fledged emergency fund account.
  • Pay to your house.

3-The Rich Dad and Poor Dad.

 This book is written by Robert kiyosaki. This book tells us two story of rich dad who teach their child about money and poor dad do not teach their kids about money.Robery changed the ways of people about money.He is investor , educator that teach people how to live well in life? He is well known all over the world for his straight talk, irreverence and passion to make the person in financial freedom.He says in this book ” a person want to financially secure,, a person needs in mind own business”This book tells you the primary difference between a rich person and poor person is how they manage fear?

4-The Secrets of the millionaire

This book is written by T.Harv E.This book tells you two parts one is explain your money blue print work .

You will learn how your childhood influences on money?You will also learn how to identify your money blue print? It includes your learn , your emotion and feelings about money.The 2nd part is “Wealth Files” how rich people think and act according to poor and middle class person?This wealth files includes especially, you have to take actions in real world and accumulate wealth.According to T.Harve Eker ” If you think like rich people and do as rich people ,you will also rich quickly.”

5- Think and grow rich.

                                                               This book is written by Napoleon. This book money opening secrets that change your way of thinking about money.This book contains daily activities of rich people and acknowledge of opportunities.After reading this book, you have a new way and new habits of success for a long time.

  • Fix in mind the exact amount of money you desire.
  • Determine, what you have to give in return of your desire?
  • Establish a definite date, when you possess to desire.
  • Create a definite plan you desire and carrying out a plan into action.
  • Write a clear ,concise amount of money, where you accumulate it and time limit for completion.

Read your statement daily cloudy, and ask your self what you do today for your desire?Read it first time in the morning and in the evening time you going to bed.

6-You are Bad ass at making money.

                                                         This book is written by Jan sincero, she is freelance writer.This book tells you when you decided to get serious to change your financial situation and going to way of money .This book mastering your mindset and few practical steps that anyone apply,no matter where you are financial journey. She says what are your financial clear goal and you can do anything to grow your health.Jen Sincero says if you want to grow your wealth then you spend your money to make money. She says you don’t give up .Changing your financial situation is very simple.But condition is you are continuous trying and focus on goals that everyone change his real life.

7-Automatic Millionaire.

                                            This book is written by David Bach. This book is published in 2004 and update in 2016.It is an powerful story of a Americans average couples, the man working as manager and his wife working as beautician.This story tells you inspiring facts that you cannot rich within budget.The important point of this book is to pay yourself first.This plan will secure your future and and pay your present.This book tell surprising facts that are as under:

  • You don not need a budget.
  • You do not a need willpower.
  • You do not need a lot of money.
  • You do not need to interested in money.
  • You can set up plan in one hour.

   There are many applications that make it simple  and invest money.Savings is very simple ,just you start small today is better start later. 

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