personal finance basics for beginners.


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                                            Personal finance is easy to learn. Many Americans are not familiar with personal finance basics. These are fundamental things that you must learn. You should be a master in personal finance. So that you will secure in your financial life. It is easier said than done.How to learn finance?

Of course, our education gives a degree only not teach personal finance.

Many people lost their money because they have no importance in personal finance.

Financial Information everyone should know.

                                                            Personal finance will give you financial security in your life. You will learn how to manage money well? How to prepare a cash budget? How to prepare a cash flow statement? How to create an emergency fund? So these are basics things you must learn.However, if you do not need to become a master in personal finance, but it gives a better future to you in your life.In this article includes:

  1. How to use a credit card wisely?
  2. How to create a budget?
  3. Create an emergency fund for you.
  4. Save your money for your retirement purpose.
  5. cut your coat according to your clothes.

How to use credit cards wisely?                                                My friend uses a credit card the first time. but after a few months, he needs to increase the limit of a credit card. So if you are using a credit card, then you have a greater limit of a credit card.

Many people use a credit card because it gives financial security than a hard card. A credit card buys now and pays later.IF you pay the bill within fifty days, then there is no markup. If you fail to pay the bill within limit then you have charged some interest. To avoid this use credit cards wisely.Credit card limit id different for every individual. If you are applying for a new credit card, then for the highest credit limit, so improve your credit score. There is no problem if you pay bills on time.

How to create a budget?

                                     If you have no budget, then you probably wonder where your income is gone. This is an important step in managing money. Creating a budget is to control your finance and easy to achieve your goal. Some steps you follow to make a good budget.

  • The amount of money comes in.
  • Calculate all your bills monthly, fees, etc.
  • Set your goal in your life.
  • Figure out your plan
  • Check your record monthly.

Create an emergency fund for yourself.

                                        In life there are many unexpected.Financial expert says that a person should three months to six-month expenses. Build an emergency fund of at least 10 % in the current account.Unfortunately, if your car breaks down, serious illness, or loses your job. then this fund helps you come out.Many people wonder how to repair their car? and most Americans do not have $ 500 emergency fund.During start my carrier , I lost my job. But I some worried. Then I use my savings is enough to survive my life.Once My bike is break down , and tires and tube will be spoil. Now I come to my house i save some money , and go again to repair my bike. Think If I have no money set aside, then I have more difficult situation. Ask to bank and start saving , your future will thank to you.

Save money for retirement purpose.

                                                       If you have private job, then it is most important to save something for your retirement.Set a goal to do something, even a single penny every week.Start as small like as $ 100 or $ 200 every month.It does not matter how much amount you can save? The answer is simple as much as you can each month.Many expert says it is enough to save 10 % for your retirement.You can 5% save as you can easily every month, then gradually grow month by month.The point is start at low only 5% each month.If you want to grow your money, then it is best option to invest in online saving bank account. Which give you high profit rather than local bank account.It depends on if you have decent amount of savings that will be helpful for investment purpose.There are many option in which you invest your money like purchase of shares from public company, or purchase of bonds or etc.The best start is to automate online saving bank account that start with minimum balance.

Cut your clothes according to your clothes.                                                                It means live below your means.It is simple, but most people don not know .This is simple rule. You cannot fulfill all your desires , because sources are limited and wants are unlimited. So, it necessary to priority your needs.

Spending more than income is easy but it difficult to break it.It will lead to you debt.You have lot of subscription or to cut your bill monthly.This is free service which you enjoy and save opportunities.Spend less and earn more, is simple math. If your income is $ 50,000 and your expenses are $ 45,000, then your saving is $5000.If you spent more than income, then you will be crucial condition.But there is way out .

If you have already burden of your student loan or another loan, then making a sound strategy, you pay off your loan first.It is basics of personal finance to follow this rule.

Final Thoughts.

                           These tips of personal finance are rules of thumb and help to achieve your goal.You should be master in personal finance basics things.These simple rule are foundation and help to manage your money .But you can use wisely.If you don not know where to start? pick only budget. Learn why is necessary? How it is useful to your life? Pick one to complete it.This will grown your confidence and you can do more.You have a passion to achieve your goal.If you want to do something in your life, just you have determination and make small step to do it. Believe yourself, By following these personal finance basics, you will be surprise , how quickly you pay off loan and you will be become wealthier.    Tag: personal Finance, Saving

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