Best Passive income. ideas:          

 Normally, there are two types of income. 

Active Income. 

This type of income a man is directly involved. He worked full time like 9:00 To 5:00 hours a day. He gives full attention to this type of income. But here we discuss in detail passive income.

Passive Income:

This is the opposite of active income. In passive income, a man is not directly involved. He makes investment and earns regular profit. But this type of income needs a little work.

Passive income is a regular income that is earned from investment or rental property. This type of income in which a man is not actively involved. This is a good type of income. When you are sleep or you go to abroad for picnic other people work for you. It is a great source of income for many people and it can be valuable in tough times or in recession time or in rainy days. It is best to source of income for those who lose a job or in a difficult situations.But this type of income required a lot of work behind this. You invest time and money for this type of income. Passive income help people to achieve goals. Once you start passive income set up, then you start up effort for itself. Passive income should play active part for your career .Passive income is helpful in these days of corona virus and lock down situation.

Definition of passive income: 

                                                      Passive income derived from rental property or limited partnership or business which is not actively work . It is taxable income.Passive income little effort to work and maintain.

Best ways to generate passive incomes. 

                                                                         I love this topic so much.It is dramatic impact on my life.Passive income change your life quickly . Here are some best ways to create passive income. You will follow these 10 best passive income ideas  are as under.

Start a E-Book. 

An electronic version of a book that can be read on computer and download on PDF form. Once you write a E- Book then you earn passive money for many years.These books are easily download and can easily purchased. Now question arises how to crate an E- Book?First you choose a topic that you have interest, for your audience and then research your topic . Design your book.Use the best color and themes of book.

Start a You Tube Channel.

                                        In you Tube Channel you organize your videos for your audience and for your business. As a channel owner you can add videos and information about yourself for visitor explore. In you Tube you can advertise your business through ads.Many persons earn a lot of incomes with the help of you tube. Once they upload a video and many years years they earn revenue from this video.This is very easiest way to earn passive income.

High Rate of interest savings account.

                                                                         If you have large amount of savings then you open a savings bank account and deposit money in higher saving account. You earn a good passive income every month or every year. Online bank give you high interest rate and you can generate more passive income in the country.Usually , you go to online bank rather than local bank. You select top level bank which give higher rate of interest. Also you will be guaranteed return of your principal with interest.

Affiliate Marketing .

It is partially passive income you create a content for your audience and promote the product of other company and it is linked to tour website. If customer buy product through your link you will earn a commission. Different companies have different commission percentage. If you are good influence of a Facebook or Instagram and you have large number of followers . Then you can easily promote the product and earn a huge amount of income.Affiliate marketing is considered a passive income , you can earn just adding by link your website or your blog or your Facebook page.

Buy and sale of shares .

                            It is easy form of passive income generate . You buy shares from stock exchange and when rate is high then you sale your shares you earn passive income. If you buy a large number of shares of any company then you become a shareholder of the company. So you received a dividend on a monthly basis or early basis.More shares you have , the more profit you earn. If you have a large amount then you invest your money in stock exchange for purchasing shares and after a while when company have a stable position then you can sale shares at high rate. You earn a great passive income.

Advertise on your car. 

                You can easily earn passive income on your car by advertising ads on it. Some companies looking car for advertising their product. So you have to drive a tour cars in a specific area or town and advertise the product. Petrol or diesel can be paid on your extra miles.

Investing in Real Estate Investment.

The real estate business is very popular and have a passive income idea. You buy a plot and after one year you can sell the plot at a high rate. There is little work involve and you earn great passive income. Or you can buy a house and repair or design it and then sell it for a huge amount.

Rent your house.

It is a straightforward strategy to earn passive income. You can sell your website space online. You have a little effort and earn passive income. To let you see somewhere is written it means you advertise here. So if you have enough space in your house you can rent them to earn a passive income.

Limited partnership.

It is the best to form of passive income. If you invest your money to a business and second party do skill in business. When you are sleeping you are generating passive income. 

Online Business.

This is another type of passive income. You built an online store and a little effort to sell your product on Facebook or Instagram to your friends. You can hire a person for this purpose.


We are not going to rich our jobs. If we want financial freedom then we move to passive income. There are many ideas that pick one and get started. Put some effort into it. We have to wait long term investment. If you have any opinion about this topic write to us in the comment box. 

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